Mundan Muhurat 2024

Mundan, also known as Chudakarana, is a significant samskara (rite of passage) in Hindu tradition, where a child’s first haircut is performed. This ceremony is believed to purify the child, bestow good health, and promote proper hair growth. Choosing an auspicious date and time (muhurat) for the Mundan ceremony is crucial, and it is generally based on astrological calculations.

Auspicious Dates for Mundan in 2024

Below are the favorable dates and their corresponding muhurat timings for Mundan ceremonies in 2024. The timings are provided in Indian Standard Time (IST).

January 2024

February 2024

March 2024

April 2024

May 2024

June 2024

DateDayMuhurat Time
June 5Wednesday07:00 AM to 09:30 AM
June 14Friday08:15 AM to 11:00 AM
June 21Friday09:30 AM to 12:00 PM

July 2024

August 2024

September 2024

October 2024

November 2024

December 2024

Factors Influencing Mundan Muhurat

The selection of an auspicious muhurat for the Mundan ceremony considers several astrological factors:

These guidelines and dates can serve as a helpful reference. However, consulting with a knowledgeable astrologer is recommended to personalize the muhurat based on the child’s birth chart and family traditions.

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